Learn More About Tonsil Stone Symptoms

tonsil stones symptomsIf you are feeling pain when swallowing water or food or you are coughing sporadically, contact your health care provider for you are certainly suffering from tonsil stones. This condition is common in adults as compared to children. Tonsil stones are always invisible and hid in tonsil crypts however its symptoms can be observed. Major symptoms occur when the tonsil stones are much bigger. Tonsil stone symptoms are as outlined below. Learn how to get rid of tonsil stones here.

Swallowing problems

People suffering from this condition find it difficult and painful to swallow food and drinks. The lumps that develop make swallowing extremely painful.

Sore throat

This is a common symptom. The soreness is caused by the sporadic coughing by the patient.

Bad breath

Foul breath normally emanates from the sufferer’s mouth, this is as a result of anaerobic bacteria growth in the mouth. The sulphur compounds produced by the bacteria cause the foul breath.

White debris

Yellowish white or milky white lumps are commonly visible when the sufferer opens his mouth.

A discomforting feeling in the gullet is experienced by person suffering from tonsil stone. This irritation occurs when the stones rub against the throat.

Other symptoms include fatigue, inflammation and metallic taste.